Are VPN​ Services Worth It?

In order to find out if getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is the right choice, you first need to find out what it is, and why you would need one.

A simple explanation for a VPN is a middleman in communicating to the internet from your device. If you have a reliable VPN, your data is securely sent through the VPN to the internet. Without a VPN, your data is vulnerable to the wifi network’s owner and hackers that may be on it.

A common reason to subscribe to a VPN service is to simply to have peace of mind while using internet on a public network. Common places where you would use a public internet network include an office, schools, coffee shops, and anywhere else you go. Hackers are getting more advanced by the minute, while public networks are typically not updated with security software for possibly many years. Using simple tactics, hackers can steal personal information, such as passwords and credit cards.

Hackers are not always the reason to invest in privacy. Many wifi networks in public places such as stores and schools, take away your rights to privacy when you join, often enabling them to spy on you at their discretion.

The question remains of where to get a good VPN. VPN’s are sold as a service paid monthly or annually. Choosing a reliable and secure service is a very important step. Price is another important factor since many VPN’s charge unnecessarily high rates just to use their service.

While there are a few great services, the one that ranks higher than the rest would have to be Tunnelbear. Their prices are very friendly to anyone looking to enjoy their privacy. You can register for a free account to use 500 MB for free every month! Other services will only let you try it for a certain period of time, if at all. If you decide to upgrade, their prices are very competitive, with plans starting at $4.16 a month. If you want to support and enjoy this amazing VPN, go to to sign up for your free account.