The $49.95 USB Drive with no storage

Why does a normal USB drive cost $49.95 if it doesn’t store anything? Well, it’s not normal. It is the USB Killer 2.0, the last flash drive you want to be plugged into your computer. And I mean the LAST. Within just a few seconds it will have destroyed your whole computer. It won’t even power on anymore. You may be asking, how does it work? At least I was. The answer is simple, it sends a high voltage signal to the computer through the USB port. While it works on about 95% of all computers and laptops, the remaining 5% are newer devices that come with the USB port protected. The new Macbook Pro 2016 is an example of a protected computer.

By the way, all damage on nonprotected computers is permanent. Don’t try this on anyone else’s property.

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